Emu Oil for Skin Care

Emu Oil and Benefits for Skin

Did you know that Emu Oil is not only a great skin moisturizer but can also be used to aid with the healing process and discomfort associated with many skin conditions? It is becoming a natural alternative to popular skin care products because it contains no nasty chemicals. Emu Oil has a lot of amazing properties naturally! Below are some common skin care uses for Emu Oil.


Naturally occurring essential fatty acids and sapogens help to hydrate, smooth out, and soften the skin. Unlike coconut or olive oil, Emu Oil is non-comedogenic. This means it won’t clog up your pores and will allow the skin to breath. Emu Oil has excellent transdermal properties as well, allowing the oil to penetrate the skin quickly and deeply. These transdermal properties also make it a great medium for the delivery of other therapeutic and skin moistening ingredients when used in moisturizer creams.

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Emu Oil can benefit Acne sufferers by helping keep pores unclogged, easing the pain and discomfort that comes with swelling and aid in repairing the skin. Emu Oil has even been shown to go as far as decrease scar tissue.

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Aging can cause the skin to go dry, flaky, and form wrinkles. In addition to being an excellent moisturizer, Emu Oil contains naturally existing fatty acids and Vitamins that are known to be anti-wrinkle agents, skin cell regenerators and antioxidants; helping to improve the appearance of aging skin.

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Sunburn Relief

Due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, it should come as no surprise that Emu Oil can be an excellent answer to taking the sting out of a sunburn and bug bites.

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Skin Rashes

There are many skin conditions that can cause a skin rash and may even cause discomfort in the form of itching, swelling or burning. Try Emu Oil for prevention of skin rashes, symptom relief and accelerating the healing process.

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Emu Oil for Acne

Is Emu Oil Good for Acne?

It may surprise you that Emu Oil could help people with Acne. Read more about the natural properties of Emu Oil to learn how!

What is Acne?

Hair Follicle Diagram

Acne is related to the Sebaceous Glands, tiny oil producing glands that exist just beneath the skin. Sebum, the oily liquid produced by the glands, is transported to the surface of the skin through the openings (pores) at the end of hair follicles. This secretion of sebum helps to extract dead cells, and keep skin moist, supple, and healthy. When a pore gets clogged with excess sebum, bacteria can begin to grow beneath the skin surface. These plugged pores can then develop into inflamed sores such as pimples or pustules.

The cause of Acne isn’t certain, but it is believed Acne can both be a hereditary trait or due to hormonal changes linked to puberty, stress, or even birth control pills. Since the human body has more Sebaceous Glands on the face, chest and back, Acne is more prevalent there.

How can Emu Oil Help?

The topical treatment of pure Emu Oil on the effected skin has been shown to have many positive effects. Emu Oil can help Acne sufferers in four ways:

  1. Ease pain and discomfort of existing break-out. As an effective emollient that has anti-inflammatory properties, Emu Oil can help to bring down swelling and lessen the reddening of skin.
  2. Help to keep pores clear. Since Emu Oil is a non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause clogging of pores) and has been shown to be a bacteriostatic, it will help to keep the pores clear while not promoting the growth of bacteria.
  3. Aid in healing the skin. Emu Oil contains Vitamin E, a healing agent and antioxidant. There have also been cases where the topical treatment of Emu Oil has been shown to reduce existing scar tissue!
  4. All of these positive effects of using Emu Oil combine to improve the appearance of the skin by helping to remove blemishes and inflammation, and making the skin look smoother.

Although Emu Oil for Acne helps most cases, we have read reviews that Emu Oil isn’t the answer for everyone. For example, this oil may not be appropriate for the user’s skin if they have a severe type of acne that doesn’t respond well to topical treatment.