Emu Oil is a Natural Remedy for Pet Wounds

Healing Animals with Emu Oil

Did you know that Emu Oil can be used to help heal wounds on animals? The naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamins that make Emu Oil a potent anti-inflammatory and healer of skin make the oil an effective treatment of wounds on animals. Emu Oil is especially suitable on animals due to it being a bacteriostatic; helping to inhibit growth of bacteria when keeping the affected area clean might be difficult.

A veterinarian in Indiana has experimented extensively with Emu Oil’s ability to heal skin and reduce scarring. Knowing of the oil’s ability as a transdermal carrier, he combining Emu Oil with other treatments. He found wounds were healed at an accelerated rate, there was less scarring, and a production of proud flesh was less common. On its own, he found natural Emu Oil an excellent treatment on the udders of dairy cows since it was still safe for the cows to be milked during treatment without contaminating the milk. In his small pet practice he found Emu Oil particularly useful in the healing of sores and lesions caused by casts.

Are you looking for a natural alternative to treat your pets? With no known side effects, you know Emu Oil treatment is going to be a safe option for your four-legged family members.

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X-Ray of Osteoarthritis in Hand

Arthritis Pain Relief Using Emu Oil

Emu Oil Treatment Offers Pain Relief from Osteoarthritis

The word arthritis is derived from Greek and simply means inflammation of the joints. There are millions of people worldwide suffering from any of the more than 100 forms of arthritis. The inflammation and swelling can cause significant pain in the joints. For some, the pain is constant. Many treatments are available but none are as safe or natural as Emu Oil. Emu Oil’s potent anti-inflammatory properties have been compared to Ibuprofen, but Emu Oil has none of the side effects common in conventional prescription or corticosteroid-based medications.

Arthritis in the HandsIn this article we are going to look at a double-blind study by researchers at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia that aimed to find out how effective Emu Oil was in the treatment of osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis in the world today. The 120 participants who volunteered to partake in this 8 week study all suffered from osteoarthritic hand pain. Half of the participants were given Emu Oil and the others a placebo made of Canola Oil. The participants were allocated into three groups to compare the effects of the Emu Oil with the placebo when the treatment was:

  1. Applied topically
  2. Ingested
  3. Applied topically and ingested

Over the 8 week period participants were tested for pain using a pain VAS (Visual Analog Scale). Although an immediate reduction in pain was not seen by either Emu Oil or placebo participants at the end of week 3, pain scores of participants using Emu Oil started to come down in week 4. At the end of the study the participants given Emu Oil had significantly lower pain scores compared to those given the placebo. The biggest difference was found in group 1, who applied the treatment topically.

In the report, researcher Ray Power says this of the study’s results:

Pain was the measurement that showed statistically significant positive results for emu oil compared to the placebo. Because pain readings were still on a downward trend for the emu oil users after completion of the trial, it would have been beneficial to run a longer trial to ascertain the longer term effect on pain reduction by the emu oil.

Power also speaks to Emu Oil’s exceptional anti-inflammatory qualities and how it may be even more effective for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis with more extensive inflammation.

Visit our testimonials page for some firsthand accounts of how Emu Oil and our Deep Heat Pain Cream have helped people suffering from arthritis! Do you have a story you would like to share? We would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below!


Emu Oil for Osteoarthritic Hand Pain


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