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Quick Guide to Raising Emu

A Quick Guide to Raising EmuEmu Farming

As one of the newer livestock industries in North America, raising Emu presents a variety of benefits and can be quite simple, as Emu are easily manageable. Emu aren’t known to show aggression toward humans and do not require special housing for milder climates, making them a safe choice with low maintenance.

Getting Started

There are a few ways to start raising your own emu. Some methods may be more beneficial than others. Depending on your preference, you can choose to start your emu farm in one of the following ways:

  • Buying Eggs – Requiring the least amount of money to start, buying eggs can be inexpensive, but you won’t be able to start production for two years.
  • Sexed Chicks – To avoid hatching problems, you can purchase chicks that are 8 weeks or older. This method is a bit more expensive than eggs and still requires two years before production.
  • Juveniles – By purchasing emu one year and older, you can select quality birds to yield better results.
  • Breeders – You can start production immediately by purchasing proven breeders. While this method is more expensive, you can ensure breeding and get started right away.

Make sure you are well read on the subject prior to purchasing your emu. You’ll want to be cautious when buying breeding adults, making sure they are indeed breeders. Also, the worth of your own emu farm depends on the area you live and the cost to feed and maintain your emu.

Housing Your Emu

While emu may be more easily managed than other animals, they still require proper housing in order to stay healthy and be raised properly. Emu should be protected from harsh weather conditions.  Depending on the climate, a three-sided shelter is adequate. They also need a pen measuring at least 15’ by 100’  for a breeding pair.  For emu grow-out, a pen of 1 acre per 50 birds is sufficient, however manure needs to be frequently removed and pen properly maintained. The pasture should be enclosed by a fence at least 5 feet in height.

After hatching, Emu chicks should be raised in heated brooder area up to 16 square feet per 10 chicks and remain there for the first two weeks. After two weeks, the chicks can be moved to larger heated area.  As they grow to 4-6 weeks old, the chicks can be allowed access to outdoor runs or pasture.


It is important to supply your emu with clean water at all times, and provide them with feed containing essential amino acids, minerals and protein.  As Emu chicks require more care in the beginning stages, their diet must be more closely controlled as well. In the first three weeks, chicks should have heat and food available at all times, yet too high of a level of protein can lead to weight problems and leg weakness. It is recommended that chicks are given feed containing approximately 20% protein.


While it is said that Emu generally require less maintenance than other animals, proper care for Emu and high-yields of production requires a higher level of work and should not be taken lightly. If you are interested in raising Emu and benefitting from their meat, feathers, oils, and more, browse our blog for tips in addition to performing in-depth research.

Wholesale Emu Oil Products

Wholesale Emu Oil Products

Wholesale Emu Oil

Wholesale Emu Oil Products

Emu oil products are incredibly versatile. Massage therapists have discovered the benefits emu oil has on the skin and muscles, health food store have begun offering emu oil products in their stores because of their health benefits, and even skin care clinics have realized that emu oil can help heal rashes and abrasions. Since so many different groups of people are realizing the benefits of emu oil, we are offering wholesale emu oil packages and products to help meet the demand.

Our Packages

Here at Willow Springs, we offer seven different wholesale emu oil packages for you to choose from. Each package is different so the package that best suits you depends on the purpose of emu oil and the amount you want.

  • Massage Package Massage therapists were some of the first health professionals who realized the effects of emu oil. Our wholesale emu oil massage package contains whole emu oil, and our penetrating deep heat cream. These products will help soothe massage patients and will help heal skin rashes and irritations.
  • Spa Package Our wholesale emu oil spa package is filled with relaxing emu oil, hand and body lotions, and anti wrinkle skin moisturizers to help keep skin looking young and healthy. Whole emu oil is also included to ensure every spa treatment is relaxing and comfortable.
  • Variety Package and Starter PackageIf you’re not sure which of our other wholesale emu oil packages to get, you can try our variety package. This package is filled with a selection of each of our emu oil products. The starter package is similar to our variety package but with a smaller amount of each product.
  • Physiotherapy Package Our physiotherapy package only includes our penetrating deep heat cream because it is the product most likely to assist patients in physiotherapy.
  • Esthetician Package Just like how our physiotherapy package only includes penetrating deep heat cream, our esthetician package only includes our anti wrinkle face moisturizer.
  • Podiatrist Package Our wholesale emu oil podiatrist package only includes our Sole comfort product. Sole comfort promotes the healing of rough, dry feet and can help fight off fungal infections.

To view our products in our online store, click here. If you are interested in one of our wholesale emu oil packages for your business you can contact us here or by calling us at 1.866.338.8227.

Chapped Lips - Emu Oil can help

Chapped Lips and How Emu Oil Lip Balm Can Help

Chapped Lips - Emu Oil can helpWe all have experienced the annoying discomfort caused by chapped lips. There are many factors that cause your lips to dry out, including cold weather. As winter approaches and we say goodbye to summer, temperatures begin to drop and our lips start to chap. We tend to ignore it, but dry lips can lead to crusting and bleeding. Medically known as Cheilitis, this condition can be extremely painful. Here is a little bit of information on how to prevent it.

What Causes Chapped Lips?

Dry lips can be caused by the enzymes in our saliva tend to irritate our lips as water evaporates, that is why lip licking is one of the most common causes. Picking and biting your lips are also big factors, along with overexposure to the sun. Not a lot of people know this, but your lips are extremely sensitive and tend to sunburn even more than your skin. Both lips can get dry-out although, the lower lip tends to be affected more frequently. The corners of your lips are also susceptible, causing pain and even bleeding as you move your mouth.

Some medications and substances can also make you propense to chapped lips. Vitamin A, retinoids, and lithium-based products are a few of these. As well, dehydration and malnutrition can put you at risk.

How to Treat Chapped Lips

The best way to treat chapped lips is to act quickly as dryness occurs. Willow Springs Emu Oil has created an Emu Oil lip balm naturally formulated to instantly provide relief and protect your lips against the elements. With Aloe Vera, Almond Oil and natural Vitamin E, along with of course Emu Oil, Willow Springs lip balm will help soothe and moisturize your lips after the first application. We have three flavors to choose from: vanilla, mint, and orange.

As well, the Willow Spring line has an array of other emu oil products that can benefit your skin and any other skin conditions, including acne, eczema, wrinkles, burns, etc. All of our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee because we stand behind them 100%.

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