Willow Spring Emu Oil Soap

Does Your Soap Irritate Your Skin?

Many people experience dry, irritated skin from washing with certain soaps. This can happen for a few different reasons:

  • The soap is removing the natural oils that protect the skin.
  • The soap contains astringent compounds like alcohol.
  • The soap contains artificial colorants or perfumes that many people are sensitive to.

If you are having an adverse reaction to a soap, you need to look for a soap that only contains natural ingredients and contains moisturizing agents that can help protect your skin. Willow Springs Emu Oil Soap is a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients that cause dryness or irritation. It’s available both in unscented and scented varieties, using only natural essential oils.

To learn more about the benefits of products made from emu oil, visit EmuOilCanada.com.